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Shijiazhuang Xingguan Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.

XingGuan provides integrated service of fresh produce products from planting, harvesting, packing, processing, storage and marketing. We are confident to serve premium fresh produce to all of our customer around the world, and stands for high quality products. We are continually to expand our business pattern, manage relationships and handle more than 2 million boxes of fresh produce.

Experienced growers plus professional management provide first class quality produce.

High quality services and friendly team.

We take care of the whole process.

We think about customers.

History ----started with XinYang, changed to XiongHan in 2019. Trading as XingGuan.

Fresh produce is our nature. The founder of XingGuan started fresh pear industry for more than 30 years and the headquarter located in Hebei, China where grows pear for more than a thousand years. XingGuan is one of the subsidiaries of Hebei Xionghan Agricultural Products Inc which is a leading agricultural enterprise, and one of the top fresh produce suppliers in Hebei Province. XingGuan provides comprehensive fresh produce supply services, including growing, harvesting, sourcing products, packing/processing, cold storage and sales services. Afterwards, we expanded our business widely to start supplying high quality vegetables including garlic, ginger, carrot and potato. Moreover, we have also began to import meat products and supply to China market to enrich our products.

History ----started with XinYang, changed to XiongHan in 2019. Trading as XingGuan.

Our brand

Our brand

"Ifruit" has leading influence in East-Asian fruit market, we established a global sales network, and long-term relationships with customers in worldwide, including Europe, Middle East, South Africa, North America and Pacific markets.

"XiongHan Freshness" a new-born brand highlighted for high quality standards.

Online platform

With the popularity of online selling platform, we have developed our online sales system with JD and PinDuoDuo, which also gained certain market share for our company in domestic market.

Our Value

Our Value

We are committing to contribute safe, healthy, nutritious and fresh food to all consumers, and adhering to the let all of our customer taste the fresh produce every day.