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New Season Fresh Pear Harvest Underway

Aug. 11, 2020

Fresh pears are now in season again, and because the market environment is different, the prices are incredibly high compare to last season.

The main reason caused high price is the overall production in Hebei province was severely reduced due to a sharp drop in temperatures in April and hail and rain in May this year. The reduction is estimated at more than 50 percent. Under the expectation of severe production cuts, the price of Hebei Crown pears has been soaring since the beginning of this year's production season, with the local purchase price rising by 25-35% within a week, and there's no sign that will lead to drop.

In addition to the reduction in pear production, the number of good fruit is significantly reduced that also lead to panic buying, which is the important reasons of soared price. A lot of fresh pear affected by extreme weather at growth stage, frostbite or damaged,  proportion of quality pears are sharply reduced. Therefore, with the continuous production season, under the situation of continuous consumption of inventory, Hebei Crown pear still has room to increase in the future.

New Season Fresh Pear Harvest Underway